The Ask

Help expand the palette of former party drinkers and introduce them to the elegant flavors of Empress Gin. 

The Solution

You’re graduating from junior spirits to senior spirits and Empress Gin is the happy medium between your party vodka cocktails and the pretentious whisky drinks.

Welcome to the Finer Drinks Club.

Empressive Glass

A mix between a tea cup and martini glass.

The Empress Chest

Cocktail Kit based on timeless Empress Gin cocktails.

Store Display


The Tea Stunt

Lounge and bar takeover. Order from the Empress Gin cocktail menu and you will receive an exclusive key card to enter the Finer Things Lounge room.

Key Card used to enter Empress Gin Speakeasy. 

Organic Social Media

The Team

Anna Kate McGinty: Art Director 

Chris Bartoldus: Creative Tech

Emily Budine: IGTV Film Producer

Miles Kredich: Sound Designer 

Stu Thompson: Professor Advisor