SCAD StartUp competition is a one week design sprint. Chosen to work with minority small business owner R. Gregory Christie, our group (Team #Caake) came up with an interactive and gamified solution to help solve his challenges and reach a larger audience in the Atlanta area. 

We received the judges award SCAD StartUp Runner up. This earned us personal winnings and $5,000 to R.Gregory Christie's business, GAS Art Gifts, with the hope to apply our solution to his business model.


Here's the Problem 


As a small business-owner and artist who excels in face-to-face interaction while lacking familiarity with technology, Greg needs to curate and maintain connections with his customers in a predominantly virtual world.

Through research and personal interviews, we found that kids learn best in collaborative and engaging environments. Kids are having a hard time adapting to on ground learning due to Covid 19. Parents and teachers are looking for interactive forms of learning that keep their kids interested. 

Posters showcasing Mr. Christie’s art in combination with QR scanning capability are scattered throughout Atlanta. History Hunt is an experience that utilizes Mr. Christie’s inclusive, historical illustrations to tell the stories of GAS Art’s diverse influential figures. History Hunt builds anticipation, just as Mr. Christie does through his storytelling, with fill in the blanks to create an engaging experience for his audience.

Here's what we did


Here's what it does

The QR scanner takes you to an extension of the GAS Art Gifts website. You will be directed to save you progress, explore the key figures you've found, and keep hunting. 

Here's how it helps

This solution reaches the needs of GAS Art Gifts and the consumer all while staying under a $10,000 budget. In hopes to meet in the middle of a technology driven world, this solution gets people out of the house to see and interact with Mr. Christie's powerful works.