The Ask

Expand peoples knowledge of hims products and services by creating content that focuses on brand identity and promotion of mens wellness overall.

The Solution

The Swiss Army knife needs to be taken apart. Stop using 20-in-1 products.


Encourage people through elements of contagion that you don't want to be the 3in1 guy.

Take pride in your clean.

1n1n1 Product

Literally reinventing the 3in1 (sell sheet attached). Squeeze the side of the wash you're about to use.

The Clean Screen Shower Stunt

Gym and dorm shower takeover

Experiential walk through video


Instagram Story

3in1 guy triggers

OldRow X Hims

Crossover to call out the 3in1 guy

The Team

Anna Kate McGinty: Art Director and Copywriter

Chris Bartoldus: Art Director and Creative Tech

Conner Williams: Art Director and Motion Graphic artist

Stu Thompson: Professor Advisor