The Ask

Put NASA's findings into layman's terms so more people (beyond just space experts) can understand and appreciate cosmic discovery. 

The Solution

A big event— like discovering habitability on Europa— needs conversation that people will understand, relate to, and PREP for. 

NASA Goes to Europa.

PSA Alert

Similar to a weather alert except this is about moving across the universe. 


Mnemonic created to brand NASA


Microsite to claim your spot and become a Europan- not to be confused with European. 


Gravity Machine

Paid OOH/ In App

Rocket Ride Food

Animal Crossing Integration

Organic Social Media

Tik Tok

The Team

Anna Kate McGinty: Art Director and Copywriter

Chris Bartoldus: Art Director and Creative Tech

Stu Thompson: Professor Advisor

Michael Pierluissi: Sound Designer

Miles Kredich: Voiceover Artist

Jules Santamauro: Tik Tok Talent