The Ask

Create content for Pizza Hut's social media platforms while following the fun and "newstalgic" brand tone (Evergreen content for August/ September/October 2021 and the Big Dinner Box comeback reveal).

The Solution

Social Media solutions embedded in throwback games and nostalgic triggers.


Then VS Now

Picture Tweet

Pizza Trophy

In Feed Instagram

Fork and Knife

Picture Tweet

Hut Libs

Instagram Story

Which Would You Choose?

Instagram Story + Poll

How it Started/ How it's Going

Picture Tweet

Pizza Delivery Prep

In Feed Instagram and Facebook 

Truth or Dare

Instagram Story + Responses

Big Dinner Box

What Do You Grab First?

In Feed Instagram 

Stick Figure Family

In Feed Instagram 

Around the Dinner Box

Picture Tweet

Parent of the Year

In Feed Facebook

Filled Up

Twitter Poll

Saved Time

Twitter Image + Poll

The Team

Anna Kate McGinty: Art Director

Tom Preston: Copywriter

AK Sanford: ACD 

Agency: GSD&M