The Ask

Develop an idea that not only raises awareness of skin cancer, specifically melanoma, in people of color around the globe, but also helps to drive diagnosis to allow people to receive treatments they need.

The Data Points and Insights

01 Whitewashing: White is the default search result. People of color are being deprived of accurate medical information and resources.

02 A Deep Divide: Lacking, missing and grossly inaccurate information is threatening the livelihoods of POC. Melanoma survival rates are significantly lower due to late stage diagnosis and lack of awareness.


03 Hidden Spots: Skin cancer in POC tend to be in less examined and less visible areas. Spots can be darkly pigmented, making them more difficult to notice or find. Spots that are less sun exposed are common areas for POC to develop sin cancer, like the soles of the feet or underneath finger nails.

Search Your Skin

Search Your Skin is a search engine extension that brings information on darker skin tones to the forefront of your human related searches.


Search Your Skin Microsite + Meet Your Match Tool

OOH + Tinted Sunscreen Pop Ups

The Team

Anna Kate McGinty: Art Director 

Partners: Elizabeth Escott  | Paige Halverson