The Ask

The WHOOP band is a wearable tech device that is often used amongst athletes to track their health and daily recovery. Showcase WHOOP's recovery feature by targeting athletes that might have flaws in their daily routines.

The Solution

WHOOP is the accountability partner that calls on you for the good and the bad of your behaviors because they want you have the best daily recovery.  

Cut the BS.

Organic Instagram

Introduce the campaign's key message.

Twitter Responses

WHOOP responds to real Tweets from pop brands. (These are ACTUAL tweets from Wendy's, Miller Lite, and Lays- Crazy right!)


Placed in gyms and college recreation center locker rooms.

UI Added Features

Added features such as a BS Trophy Case and BS Receipts allow users to call out their own bad behaviors and repost them on Social Media.

The Team

Anna Kate McGinty: Art Director 

Shout out to Kit Cameron and Sky Reyes for initial ideation and helping concept the big idea.